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I Put Together This Guide Delivering Tips Manifested From My Rocky Path.

Dear Friends,

At the time of writing this, I have no idea how you got to this page. You may have been browsing my blog & the resource section sparked your interest.

Following your intuition, you ended up here to learn a little more about what you're about to get yourself into.

WELL! You're in the right place! For the remainder of this page consider me your guide away from the skepticism that has originated from marketers who have scarred you with bogus products & their half-hearted efforts to take care of you. YOU. The very person, who keeps their lights on in their house with every purchase.

Ungrateful bastards.

I've been there. This is why I'm going to make it crystal clear about what this E-book contains & TREAT YOU LIKE THE KING OR QUEEN YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED AS. NO fluff straight to the meat. (While maintaining some mystery of course just for fun). Plus there may or may not be a surprise after you purchase it. 😉

Anyways! Thank you for joining me here, it's always great to make a new friend! Now without further a due, let's begin! 

We Start Our Journey Where All Journey's begin...The beginning.

Do you feel weird getting a book on how to be more confident? Because you shouldn't. This isn't one of those woo hee, kumbaya self-help books that tell you to just think better thoughts & then call it a day.

Seriously? when has that ever worked? You know what let's try it...Alright. In my mind right now I'm thinking that I'm on a beach, somewhere in bora-bora. Wait...I'm not in bora-bora? I did everything I was supposed to! I...thought about it!!! Why am I still in my bed typing up this text?

OHH..It's because there are 4 fundamental KEY things I should start with to take care of my mind & body so they can work more harmoniously with each other & in turn fill me with enough energy to do the things necessary to get to where I want to be! It's a good thing I gathered information from researchers & studies around the world, that I condensed into this short e-book.


I Read Multiple Articles Written In Tiny Fonts So You Don't Have To.

It's crazy how tiny academics make their texts, I'm assuming they do that to fill in less pages? Funny enough, since the making of this E-book I ended up getting glasses...Coincidence? I think NOT.

You officially have the luxury of witnessing this information for the first time ever in LARGE FONT! & Broken into 4 parts. Mindset, Body Language, Activity & Diet

I added the resources I used at the end of the book, so you can take a look at what I went through & judge whether or not I'm being dramatic.


It's Short.

It's only four sections....You'll be okay.

  • Mindset: Why It's so important to start with the mind & how to shift your thinking into doing the things that matter.

  • Body Language: How your body influences your state of mind & what you can do to influence it (hint: fake it, till you make it)

  • Activity: Your mind & body LOVE to move!! 

  • Diet: You are what you eat but what should I eat?

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