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"What decisions did I make result in where I am & what decisions can I make to get where I'm going?"

We answer these questions by bringing awareness by the driving factor: our subconscious.

Ya it's easy to feel completely out of control of where we ended up, it's absoutely justified. Thing is, you'd be SURPRISED at the amount of control we have over where we're heading...

By exploring what biases we have to stay inside that deadly vicious cycle we want to escape!

It's fairly simple actually!!

Together we figure out WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK & begin to figure out where you need to begin to not repeat the cycle.

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Learning from others is vital to avoiding mistakes that don't need to be made.

Identifying the people who are operating from a fundamental stand point rather than ONLY a strategic one, is what will fast track your progress & avoid hitting ceilngs in your develpoment.

This video is all about finding the right teachers.

The learning never stops & adopting the humility to keep learning new things even once "you know enough" will keep you on the right track.

Here we figure out how who we're learning from isn't someone who values short term gain instead of long term growth!




No not in an all mystical being.

Before we even think about going down that rabbit hole, we're going to start with you.

Belief is the driving force & the MOST essential ingredient to fire up the engine to get to your destination.

It's tough to stay on your path when most our motivation comes from external places.

Deadlines, Feeling obligated, short term gains..

These have been the main driving factors throughout our lives. When we finally find something we enjoy that doesn't have any of those consequences...

It's harder for us to do since the upside potential of completing that goal seems too good to be true.

As crazy as the upside might be. We gotta believe otherwise. 

Rather than only hyping you up & sending you off to fend for yourself, I go over ACTIONABLE things to do to start believing that the impossible seems rather attainable.

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"Okay so I've learned all these things, how do I make them stick?"

By shitfing the focus.

How I show you how to do this?

By creating longevity by broading your outlook on your goals. Because out of all honesty...

You're not going to hit them overnight.

It might take longer than you expect. Which is why it's so important on your journey to keep refining your process.

You're not going to get nail the perfect plan you've created for yourself the first, second, & third time.

Although as you keep attacking & adjusting your strategy. You'll have no other option but to succeed.

Here we talk about ways to focus your mind on the things you can control, while in the process of acheiving your mission.

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